Exalt HIM Sample Tracks

Check out some tracks off our release “Exalt HIM” a Roots Gwaan Atonemeant Productions collaboration.
Jah Bless One Love One Mind

Blessed Love

Blessed love all spiritual kinsmen, Human beings of every and all nations.

Atonemeant Productions is preparing our second project Titled “Lion’s Wake” by Ryan M Ford, to be released early summer 2013. Also be on the lookout for a big collaboration album ft Various artist from around the world coming together to share in HIM works.

Jah is the Ruler, all Ises unto HIM Haile Selassie I, who is worthy to be praised!

Exalt HIM Release!

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!!! Hard Copies (with lyric book) and downloads now ready to BLAZE!
World Wide… “Proclaim HIS name and publish it…”

Please support underground, conscious Roots Music. Soon available on iTunes and more.


New Sounds From AtoneMeant Beat Lab

A Bredrin dropped an Alesis hip hop production keyboard off at Conscious Riddims Records, and after playing around for a while I found it had some sweet sounds and crazy pads. These are just some of the results…

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New Logo For AtoneMeant Productions!

AtoneMeant wants to big up and give thanks to Ras Wil of Conscious Riddims for designing the new logo for our site. Check it! Much Respect!

Atonemeant Productions: Welcome!



AtoneMeant Productions would like to offer blessed Love to One and All in the name of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I Jah! Rastafari! By H.I.M. all things are made possible. Blessed Empress Menen I and the restoration of balance. I give thanks the opportunity to share this livity and share this music with the world family.


AtoneMeant was created as a musical vessel to seek knowledge of self, knowledge of culture, knowledge of humanity, and as an outlet to connect on these subjects through word sound power and the heights of music. As the name suggests, AtoneMeant recognizes the many false and shallow teachings being offered to the youth of today, and so seeks reveal and reverse the conceptions and habits these false teachings encourage. We intend to make a amends and unify with an intentional tone: AtoneMeant.


AtoneMeant Productions’  focus is deep roots reggae music,with influences from hip hop and RnB. But like any music that reflects  the life and perspectives of the human community,  ultimately the message and sound results in folk music, peoples music. Perhaps not in the traditional sense of acoustic guitar-playing cowboys, but in the sense of a story and a rhythm all people can relate to.  Set to the heartbeat of the Earth, combining an ancient livity and modern techniques and digital sounds, AtoneMeant Productions seeks to provide unique, hard hitting roots riddims for serious artists and chanters.


Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, AtoneMeant Productions has been blessed to be able to work with many local talents, stay tuned for 2 Album releases coming soon from Conscious Riddims Records and AtoneMeant Productions!


Jah Love-